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Digital Media Connect is a Cambridge SEO agency and digital marketing company with a clear focus on advanced digital marketing techniques . We help businesses attract and retain clients through digital marketing by optimising websites and achieving results.We get your brand in front of consumers through on-page optimisation,content development,social media marketing, mobile optimisation, link building ,video marketing and page speed optimisation.

10 interesting stats about SEO, Voice search and Mobile

  • Global SEO industry is currently worth $65 bn.It will continue to grow to an estimated $72bn by 2018 and $78 bn by 2020.
  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.
  • Voice-based search queries are the fastest growing mobile search type at the moment.
  • Voice recognition market will be a $601 million industry by 2019.
  • 62% of businesses have no specific plans for voice search in 2018.
  • Consumer demand for voice devices is expected to generate $3.5 bn by 2021.
  • More than 20% of searches on Android devices and mobile apps are voice searches.
  • Online video will make up 80% of all online traffic by 2021.
  • 43% people would like to see more video content.
  • Google’s mobile-first index is rolling out in 2018 and it will soon be applied to all websites.

We provide the following  SEO and digital marketing services for local SME’s.

  • Responsive website design to give your business a mobile friendly feel.
  • SEO services and management to optimise your website for organic search ( also voice search) and to help your business gain an extra layer of visibility on the search engines compared to your competitors.
  • E-commerce assistance, helping to turn your business from an information-based online empire to an online store that’s always available.
  • Social media optimisation and video marketing to help provide your business with an imperious range of marketing tools that can really help to establish your brand name.
  • Mobile and paid search advertising that helps your website rank well and bring in new clients from as many sectors as possible.
  • Link building ( now link earning)  and content outreach using high domain authority websites.
  • Guest blogging, Blog writing and publishing.
  • Local business listings and Google Map services.
  • App development and App store optimisation & much more!

Our freelance team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals offering reliable search engine superiority to those who wish to make that all-important mark on their industry. For more help, feel free to contact us today for pricing.

Boost your ranking with DMC- Best Cambridge SEO Agency

We understand the range, and complexity, of the challenges that are likely to face you in the coming weeks, months and years ahead. With vast online marketing experience, we understand the unique nature of the markets, and why you need to be more alert than ever to get around these problems and stop business stagnation. This, though, takes a committed marketing strategy that is born through facts, not fiction. At DMC, we make it easy for our clients to gain access to this kind of insight and opportunity through an experienced team of experts. We know what to do and when to deliver it, using our nous and knowledge to avoid taking risks with your business. Your reputation and your brand can be summed up by a single look at your digital marketing today – what does it say about you? Whatever it says, it can be changed and improved upon. We’ll find the gaps in your armour that makes your business unable to capture its latent potential fully. With this, we can make it easier than ever to take those all-important next steps towards business development – just contact us today for further information.

ROI driven complete internet marketing & SEO solutions provider in Cambridge

Based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Digital Media Connect is a growing digital marketing company specialised in all aspects of on-page SEO, app development, link building,conversion rate optimisation, app store optimisation and remarketing, professional seo services,responsive web design,social media optimisation,video advertising & marketing, display advertising, mobile advertising and paid search. We are a resourceful organisation engaged in a variety of digital marketing projects.We offer an extensive range of digital services to our portfolio of SME clients. We are optimised for an advanced driven world, with a firm mission to drive the traffic and get the highest ROI for the online brands. The digital world as a whole is continually growing. When you think you’ve got the most recent rendition, now is the ideal time for a great redesign.

Expert SEO services company creating a win-win situation: increase traffic, leads, conversion & sales

At DMC, we understand if there’s one thing you can rely on, its digital transformation and innovation. If you can follow this innovation and change, the opportunities are boundless. We’ll help our clients to find stability in an ocean of consistent, problematic digital change and to become highly competitive in a growing digital environment. We let our clients be the first to make use of the new open doors and take advantage of all digital opportunities.We love conveying the outcomes our customers badly need.

Also, we’ve discovered that the most ideal approach to carry out this is by being exceptional, genuine and innovative. We’re paranoid about creativity and polish things until they sparkle.

Our most recent clients are,,,,,selfie beauty ,uniquefashionsonline,,,,legend solicitors and a number of small & medium sized companies in Cambridge and London.

DMC’s founder , V.George has had vast experience in SEO and digital marketing sector.He worked for a number of growing brands like Fledglings,Mobas, Media Matters,Igennus, TWI, Austin Macaulay publishers, Motorholme,UnbeatableHire and other SME’s.

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Branding in this day and age is very much important for the success of the business.Your online brand should be more than just a quick logo design and a website. Your brand says everything about who you are and where you’re going.


The solution to every business or organisation’s marketing needs is more than just a nice website. We put the why, the how, and integrity of the brand back into the equation when designing the website.Web design trends in 2018 is going to be much different from previous years.

Digital Marketing

Every brand has a story to tell. We can bring that story to life through a variety of digital marketing solutions.Digital marketing trends are going to change this year. We follow the latest trends and provide maximum ROI to our clients.

Voice Search

28% of people think voice search is the best and more accurate way of searching for things on the web. It is going to be massive and widespread within a couple of years.


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